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“You inspired me to take risks in art, to express myself freely through art. I found that art therapy becomes a place for me to express the pain inside that words cannot capture; and to have the courage to hope and connect with the resilience inside of me. Most importantly, I felt encouraged to have a voice and speak it too, however shaky it might be.”

“My body confidence role model.”

“She has totally changed my relationship with myself & with food through art therapy. I never would have guessed it would be so powerful.”

“I have heard that art is about the process not the product before art therapy, but it was not until I began art therapy with you that I truly learned that art can save a person. It has helped me re-associate during some of the most terrifying moments in treatment.”

“Your humor, passion, zest, warmth, and open heart have inspired me in my recovery.”

“Thank you for being a safe space for every piece of me.”