Humans are inherently social creatures. Groups can provide tremendous support for people to develop a deeper sense of identity and an understanding of how their actions affect other people.

Art therapy is an effective, non-threatening treatment modality for people of all ages. When done in a group format it can serve as a tool for connection, increased self-esteem, and empathy.

Group members are invited to partake in art making individually alongside one another, honoring personal boundaries. Reflection of the group process is always promoted. Group art can also be created together, with a focus on creative collaboration, sharing materials, and navigating differences of opinions, feelings, and thoughts. During the process of group therapy work, individuals develop an increased sense of self, practice strategies for coping with moments of distress, use skills for effective expression, and have the opportunity for reflection and validation. The roots of community and the connections built become the foundation for interpersonal growth.

Group Specialties

  • Body Image Group

  • Eating Disorder Support Group

  • Understanding Compassion Fatigue Group

  • Community and Team Building

  • Mural Development

Rockaway Map Mural - Martin De Porres High School, Rockaways, Queens

The images below are from a collaborative mural project between students and staff from Martin De Porres High School in Queens, New York and Counseling in Schools. The mural was created over the course of the 2013 - 2014 school year; it is a map of the Rockaways. From Breezy Point to Far Rockaway, the mural shows the entire stretch of peninsula that separates Jamaica Bay from the Atlantic Ocean.

Instead of a compass, the LEAD emblem is pictured. LEAD is an acronym for Learn, Encourage, Achieve, and Dream. This is the slogan for Martin De Porres High School’s new system, it is a positive behavior intervention system. The LEAD sign challenges onlookers to consider how they can learn, encourage, achieve, and dream as a method to get to their life’s destination. This conceptual mural illustrates neighborhood public transportation routes. The “you are here” spot on the map encourages students and staff to visualize where they are and how they can get to where they want to be, both literally and figuratively.